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Siding Replacement

Aquashield Roofing is not only a roofing contractor; our roofing company also is a siding company. We repair siding and also we provide new siding installations and siding replacement on your home. We can also provide metal wrap and vinyl on your soffit areas so that you no longer have to paint.

New siding can make your home look much more attractive and modern. Not only does new siding or metal wrap make your home more appealing; siding also protects your home from the elements. Also covering all of your exterior wood provides the benefit of never having to paint again and maximize the life of your exterior wood.

Metal Soffit Wrap

Covering your wood soffit with vinyl soffit and metal wrap on your fascia boards and/or rake boards will provide your home a more modern curb appeal. It will also ensure that you no longer have to go through the grueling task of getting your home painted every three to six years. With vinyl soffit and metal wrap, your house will be ironclad and help make your home impervious to water or moisture.

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Siding Company Near You

Siding Repair

Sometimes high winds or strong storms can cause your siding to fail. When your siding is damaged or blown off you may be in need of a siding repair. Our siding company can repair your siding with ease within forty-eight hours. Most of our siding repairs or siding projects are done quickly without any frustration which only brings our customers the utmost in satisfaction.

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New Siding

If you need new siding on your residential home call us for siding replacement or siding repair.